13 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Check Out in 2022

Social media has become a vital part of every business strategy because people don’t just use it to interact with their friends. They also use it to reach out to brands and public figures. Sprout Social found that:

  • 48% of consumers feel prompted to make a purchase when a brand answers a customer’s query over social media
  • 46% say that promotions and contests on social sway them
  • Educational content results in conversions for 42% of consumers.

At the same time, you can’t just be active on social media and expect sales to grow exponentially. You need to have a proper strategy to promote your brand in a way that’s relevant and helpful to your audience. For this, you will need to effectively monitor how people are engaging with you and what they’re saying about you or your competitors.

Social listening helps you discover scope for improvement, sales and service opportunities, and more. In fact, Clutch found that:

  • 86% of businesses monitor requests, concerns, and questions from customers with the help of social listening
  • 25% use it so they can learn how to improve their products
  • 24% use it to attract customers
  • 21% use it to provide better customer service.

All of these numbers show that social media monitoring can have a multitude of benefits for businesses. But if you’re going to do it right, you need to equip yourself with comprehensive tools that help you monitor various aspects of your social media presence and performance.

13 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools available in 2022:

#1: Falcon.io

Falcon.io is a full-scale social media marketing platform that solves critical problems for brands who want to lead on social media. It combines listening, publishing, engagement, analytics, and reporting tools. 

As part of its social media monitoring, you can use it to track trends, for example, Identifying popular topics and hashtags to follow. As a result, you can target your campaigns and content for better reach and engagement. You can monitor your brand and keep tabs on the conversations taking place around your brand and products.

If you have an international audience, you can track and engage on a global scale. Falcon offers sentiment analysis in multiple languages, including German, Mandarin, and Spanish. It marks mentions as positive, neutral, or negative.

#2: Brand24

Brand24 is one of the most comprehensive social media monitoring tools available. You can monitor comments and conversations about your brand on various social networks. Set up alerts using certain keywords relevant to your brand so you can quickly respond to your customers – thanking the happy ones and appeasing the disgruntled ones.

You might even be able to discover potential customers through this process and engage with them to get their attention. This could involve answering their queries, suggesting your products, or providing helpful information.

Image Source: Brand24

The platform also lets you monitor social media mentions about your competitors. This makes it much easier to conduct competitor research and understand how people feel about the competition. Additionally, Brand24 even helps you discover people who have the most social influence, simplifying your influencer search process.

#3: Sendible

If you’re an agency that’s looking for the perfect social media management platform, Sendible is an excellent option. It’s specifically designed for agencies, so it offers features that will enable you to create a unified social inbox for all of the brands you’re working with. Sendible lets you monitor and manage every social media account in one place.

You can use the social listening feature to discover conversations around every brand you’re working with. And you can easily manage responses by highlighting negative mentions that need prioritising. The tool generates quick and accurate social media reports that help you gain a thorough understanding of you performance in terms of impressions, reach, engagement, and more.

sendible social monitoring tool

Image Source: Sendible

#4: Social Mention

Social Mention is a free social listening tool that is fairly easy to use. It lets you run a search on relevant keywords across various platforms. You can view the results of mentions on specific channels such as blogs and microblogs. You’ll also be able to filter the results to show just image or video content created on your specific keyword.

The tool analyses all of these conversations to help you understand your brand’s positive to negative sentiment ratio. It also helps you analyse your brand reach and its likelihood of being talked about.

Image Source: Social Mention

#5: Mention

Mention lets you monitor brand mentions and conversations from more than a billion sources on a real-time basis. Not only will you be able to keep track of social media conversations, this tool also lets you monitor forums and blogs as well as various channels on the internet. Its precise filtering feature enables you to push past the noise and focus on the data, insights, and conversations that are most important for you.

Plus, it helps simplify your influencer search by identifying the most influential people leading conversations around your brand or specific keywords. You’ll be able to conduct your search beyond Twitter, narrowing down on influential bloggers and Instagram power users.

Image Source: Mention

#6: Awario

Awario helps you discover brand mentions on a real-time basis so you can react in a timely manner. It monitors 13 billion sources and comes with useful location and language filters that let you pick out the most relevant mentions.

The tool lets you track the results of your campaigns to understand their full reach and impact. These insights can help you make changes and corrections in ongoing campaigns, and develop better campaigns in the future.

Image Source: Awario

#7: Unamo

Unamo helps you get accurate results about brand mentions and conversations by using their Boolean search operators. You can also monitor trends within your industry and discover the top trending content and hashtags. You will then be able to adapt these insights into your social media strategy to stay ahead of the competition and appeal to a wider audience.

It even lets you break down your results according to specific social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Unamo even lets you visualise the most popular words and terms based on your query to help you better understand where conversations are going.

Image Source: Unamo

#8: Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights is a comprehensive social media management tool that comes with a social listening feature. You can create a customised search query using a combination of relevant keywords. You can even choose to exclude certain terms in your query to further improve the accuracy of your search results.

Image Source: Konnect Insights

#9: Frrole Scout

Frrole Scout is a social intelligence tool that lets you run effective monitoring efforts across social media. Their brand listening feature gives you an overview of the total number of mentions, potential reach, sentiment, and mood around certain topics. You’ll even be able to compare the performance of different topics.

Image Source: Frrole Scout

The tool gives you a microscopic understanding of an audience by analysing the followers of certain social media accounts. It also analyses conversations to get highly specific results such as users who are talking negatively about you or your competitors.

#10: Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you access to useful social data that you can implement into your overall marketing strategy. Not only does it provide you with rich social performance data, it also monitors your incoming messages across various networks and tracks relevant brand-related keywords. It helps you understand trends within your niche or surrounding your brand so you can make more informed decisions.

What’s great about this tool is that you can easily sort various users into relevant categories by tagging them based on their comments. You can tag them as sales leads or sort them into categories that require a certain level of support. Or you could even tag them as people to target for your upcoming campaign.

Image Source: Sprout Social

#11: Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights monitors brand mentions and relevant conversations from more than 100 million data sources. It lets you see the overall sentiment around your brand based on these conversations.

You can even filter the results to get a better understanding of where you stand with various market segments. It gives you real-time reports so you can quickly look for resolutions when the sentiment towards your brand starts dropping.

Image Source: Hootsuite

#12: Zoomph

Zoomph offers a social media monitoring tool that seamlessly integrates with their Audience tools. This makes it easier for you to filter results based on different segments and customer profiles. It lets you measure the impact of your brand across various social media channels. The best part is that it provides you with a detailed demographic breakdown of audiences that engaged with your brand.

This tool makes it easier for you to get a closer look at your audience and discover what appeals to them. You can use it to analyse the performance of your content by tracking keywords, mentions, and hashtags. Based on these insights, you’ll get a clearer idea of what people love and then adapt it into your strategy.

Image Source: Zoomph

#13: HubSpot Social Media Software

The HubSpot Social Media Software is specifically designed for small businesses. It’s highly effective for sifting through social media conversations to discover the most relevant ones that you need to engage in. It helps you link your social interactions to people who are part of your database, which helps you focus on those who matter.

You can customise your keyword monitoring streams for each team member. This will help them quickly discover conversations that are relevant to their unique roles and take necessary action. This significantly reduces the time taken to sort all of your social mentions for relevant teams.

Image Source: HubSpot


These are 13 of the best social media monitoring tools available right now. You can check out each of their features and see which best fit your specific requirements. We’ve included free tools as well as tools that fit various budget sizes. So you can compare them and find out which one will be ideal for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best social media monitoring tool?

These are the best social media monitoring tools:
#1: Falcon.io
#2: Brand24
#3: Sendible
#4: Social Mention
#5: Mention
#6: Awario
#7: Unamo
#8: Konnect Insights
#9: Frrole Scout
#10: Sprout Social

What are the best media monitoring tools?

These are the best media monitoring tools:
Cision Communications Cloud.
Muck Rack.
Critical Mention.

What is the best social media monitoring tool for Facebook?

Hootsuite is the best social media monitoring tool for Facebook. Hootsuite is one of the best free social media listening tools available, and it covers multiple social networks too, like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Foursquare. It’s known for its advanced social media monitoring and management functions.

What is social media monitoring tool?

Social media monitoring tools help you discover scope for improvement, sales and service opportunities, and more. Much like search engines, which send crawlers to the far reaches of the Internet, social media monitoring tools are algorithm-based tools that crawl sites and index them.

What are 10 powerful social media monitoring and listening tools?

These are the most powerful social media monitoring and listening tools:
#1: Falcon.io
#2: Brand24
#3: Sendible
#4: Social Mention
#5: Mention
#6: Awario
#7: Unamo
#8: Konnect Insights
#9: Frrole Scout
#10: Sprout Social