Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, known as SSSniperWolf or Lia on social media, is a British-American YouTube star popular for her reaction videos and gaming videos. The gamer first became popular on her YouTube page for her gaming videos, specifically Call of Duty. Later, she grew her channel to tens of millions of followers and shifted to more reaction videos as well as gaming videos.


Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992 in England, the United Kingdom. She is of Greek and Turkish descent. Lia moved to the United States when she was six years old. Her sister is fellow YouTuber Ranya Lasagna; in addition, she has two younger brothers. 

When she was growing up, Lia’s parents bought her a Playstation, and she has not looked back since. Lia got her nickname SSSniperWolf from the character Sniper Wolf, one of the lead antagonists of Metal Gear Solid. 

As of September 2021, Lia has more than 29.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 5.2 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on Twitter and 16.8 million followers on TikTok. In addition, she has a second YouTube channel titled Little Lia Wolf with more than 3.59 million subscribers. 

Lia started her YouTube account in 2013 and has since earned millions of followers and more than 15 billion lifetime account views. Her channel first started as a gaming channel and she played Call of Duty a lot to start. However, in 2017, her channel shifted focus a bit and she has since started to focus on reaction videos and DIY videos in addition to her gaming videos. 

In July 2020, Lia broke a record and became the most-subscribed female content channel in English. 

Lia started her second YouTube channel, Little Lia Wolf, later down the line. The channel is dedicated to arts and crafts, DIY projects and more. 

Lia also has a significant social media following on Instagram, where she posts Anime cosplay costume photos as well as general lifestyle content. 

The YouTube star has worked with some of the biggest brands: Disney, EA, Ubisoft and more. 

“Growing up I was always the ‘weird’ girl,” she said. “I wanted to show that girls can play and be good at video games too.”

Being a high-profile gamer does not come without issues. In 2016, Lia was sued by Engimahood after she said he was a “convicted sex offender.” The following year, the defamation case was dismissed due to insufficient proof.

In addition, Lia has been arrested twice. In 2013, she was arrested for armed robbery after she hit a security guard and resisted arrest. She was in prison for two days and the charges were brought down to a misdemeanor. 

In 2016, she was arrested again. She was charged with disorderly conduct for resisting arrest again after the police arrived following a heated argument with her boyfriend. The charges were later dropped. 

In 2019, Lia was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer. However, the nomination received a lot of backlash. Many people believed she was no longer a real gamer, since she started to tone down her gaming content. She ended up winning the award. 

For a period of time, Lia was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage. 

You can buy “Wolf Pack” merchandise on her official website and the merchandise includes hoodies, phone cases, and more.

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