A World Set Free In Your Lifetime

2020 Ballot AccessThank you for your fight for the future of this Party. Through your hard work, activism, and volunteerism at the local, state, and national level, the LP is seeing an uptick in donors, candidates, and elected officials. You have the best ballot access going into a Presidential election in Party history (donate to that important cause here). As I've traveled across the country to various state conventions, there is a focus and determination on winning elections that I've never witnessed before in the LP. 

Four years ago winning elections was competing against "educating the public," "ballot access," and "lobbying elected officials" - all extremely worthy goals! But no goal sets a political party apart from a think tank, advocacy group, or media source like the goal of winning elections to change public policy. 

Your work with this caucus has changed the dialogue permanently for the Party. Without changing our principles or compromising on issues, you have managed to help us present these important ideas in a way that appeals to the broader public. It's fine to say "everyone is a libertarian and just doesn't know it yet," but even better is to run candidates and win elections so you and I can put those important ideas into practice. 

To continue to influence the Party, you and I need a strong presence at the 2020 National Convention. The LNC actually balanced their budget this year thanks to your influence and renewed its focus on fundraising for the Party - all victories coming out of your success at the 2018 Convention.

There are other groups in the LP who want to see the Party return to obscurity, a Party where they matter more. Some only care about their version of libertarianism or conservative fusionism, and are working hard to undermine your success in the Party. Help us stop them by donating $25 or even $100 to the caucus so you and I can win at the 2020 National Convention

Click on this secure link to donate today.

I appreciate you for all you do to ensure the Party's continued, future success. Together, you and I are changing the Party through this caucus to see a "world set free in our lifetimes."

In Liberty,

Alexander DiBenedetto
Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

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