Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is tasked with overseeing the operations of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus. They work together to create a passionate leadership team excited to help grow the Libertarian Party!

Alexander DiBenedetto


Alexander is the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. He came to the Nevada affiliate as a website volunteer and vice-chair of the newly-formed Out for Liberty, a libertarian LGBTQ+ advocacy group. He soon stepped up to the Editor-in-Chief position for the Party and drove the creation of the party’s 2015-2016 newsletter. After this he became the party's Administrative Director, leading the party to a massive surplus financially by the end of 2016 and provided/recommended training courses to assist the party’s volunteers. After the 2017 party reorganization, he was named Executive Director by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. His personal goal for the Libertarian Party is to “build a cohesive leadership team from our [the Party’s] wealth of knowledge and talent”, which he knows will lead us to electoral success. 

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Phone - 702-483-9010

Elizabeth Van Horn

Vice Chairwoman
A longtime libertarian activist, Elizabeth is a Social Media Volunteer both for the national Libertarian Party (2013 - current), and her state affiliate, the Libertarian Party of Indiana.  Within Indiana she serves as Secretary for the Madison County Libertarians. Elizabeth is Chair of the Social Media Process Review Committee which reports to the Libertarian National Committee.   She also was appointed to the Libertarian Party 2018 Platform Committee, representing Indiana. 

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Aeris Stewart

Aeris works as the Whip and Communications Director for the LPCaucus. She also serves as a Chair At-Large and Scholarship Committee member for the Libertarian Youth Caucus and writes for various Libertarian campaigns nationwide.

Jonathan Evans

Treasurer Pre-Tempore

Jonathan Evans is an IT professional in Texas and currently serves as the LPCaucus's Secretary.

Duke Van Horn


While a university student, David participated in two Institute for Humane Studies seminars, and a Students for Liberty conference.  David has a B.S. in Psychology and is taking on libertarian activism as the LPCaucus Secretary.


Updated September 22, 2017