Bylaws of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

Adopted in Convention on February 19th, 2017.


We, the members of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus, believe the opportunity to form a Libertarian majority exists. We understand the need to work within existing electoral and social frameworks to achieve positive change. We can provide freedom-based solutions to today’s problems--for all Americans--through the principles of liberty and responsibility. By creating a culture of respect and passion, Libertarians can successfully advocate for liberty at all levels of government and society.

I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus, hereinafter referred to as the LPC.

II. Mission

The mission of this organization shall be to elect pragmatic Libertarians to public office and members of the LPC to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

III. Membership

Section 1. Any resident of the United States of America shall be considered a general member of the LPC provided he or she is a registered Libertarian or nonpartisan (independent), or he or she is a current member of the national Libertarian Party.

Section 2. Any person who already qualifies as a general member under Section 1 and has donated at least twenty-five dollars ($25) to the LPC in the past 365 days shall be considered a dues-paying member of the LPC.

IV. Convention

Section 1. The LPC shall hold a LPC National Convention (hereafter referred to as “Convention”) in even-numbered years during and in the geographical vicinity of the Libertarian National Convention for the purpose of electing a new Board of Directors, amending bylaws, adopting a slate of candidates for the Libertarian National Committee, and whatever other business deemed necessary and proper.

Section 2. A Special Convention shall be held within one-hundred and twenty (120) days, electronically and open to all members, upon a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors. Such a vote shall state the business of the Special Convention, and no other business shall be considered at such a Convention.

Section 3. All LPC members are qualified to be delegates to a Convention. No fee may be levied of any LPC member to participate in the business sessions of any Convention; however, fees may be required for participation in other Convention events. A quorum of a Convention shall be a majority of the credentialed, dues-paying delegates to the Convention. The Convention Secretary shall provide the Board of Directors with draft convention minutes no later than ten (10) days after the conclusion of the Convention, and the Board of Directors is empowered to approve Convention minutes. Only dues-paying LPC members shall be eligible to serve as delegates to amend bylaws and elect members to the Board of Directors. All other business, including the selection of a slate of candidates to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), is conducted by any LPC members serving as delegates.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall publish the time, date, and location for Conventions at least sixty (60) days before the Convention. This publication will be sufficient if it is prominently placed on the LPC's official website. The Whip of the LPC shall electronically mail notice to all members at least thirty (30) days before the Convention.

Section 5. A nomination for "None of the above" (NOTA) shall be considered valid. Should NOTA receive a majority of the vote in the balloting for any office or candidacy, the names of all nominees shall be kept on the ballot but the nominations for that office shall be reopened for additional nominees and another ballot taken. In any vote for the slate of LNC candidates endorsed by the LPC, should NOTA receive a majority on two successive votes for a particular LNC position, then no candidate shall be endorsed for that office.

Section 6. The business session of each Convention shall be recorded by audio and video device and a copy of the recording shall be provided to the Board of Directors by the Convention secretary along with the minutes no later than thirty (30) days after the Convention. In the event the proceedings of a Convention are challenged by a LPC member, the recording of the Convention and the Convention minutes shall be provided to the Secretary and the Chair within twenty-four (24) hours - even if the minutes are in draft form.

V. Board of Directors

Section 1. The Board of Directors of the LPC is responsible for handling the affairs and business of the LPC.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of five members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Whip, Secretary, and Treasurer. A term shall be from one even-year convention to the next.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the credentialed, dues-paying members at a Convention and serve until the end of the Convention at which their successors are elected. The Board of Directors shall be elected in even-numbered years. In the event of a vacancy in a Board of Directors position, the Board of Directors shall fill the vacancy by Pro-Tempore appointment, until the next Convention.

Section 4. The Board of Directors members shall be dues-paying members of the LPC in good standing. No member shall hold more than one office at a time within the LPC. Members of the LPC Board of Directors shall not be restricted from serving in officer or representative positions within an Affiliate. The Board of Directors members shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the LPC. These duties shall include the following:

A) The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the LPC Board of Directors, as well as all LPC National Conventions.

B) The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in the performance of the Chair's duties. At meetings of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair.

C) The Whip shall send out membership notices of meetings and Conventions. The Whip ensures pledged voting compliance among LPC members.

D) The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of meetings and Conventions, and all non-financial records of the LPC including, but not limited to, these bylaws and all committee reports.

E) The Treasurer shall maintain the LPC’s bank accounts, deposit revenues, and pay bills. A formal Treasurer's Report shall be presented biannually, at the LPC’s National Convention. The Treasurer shall maintain the LPC’s financial records in accordance with the law and generally accepted accounting principles.

Section 6. Meetings of the LPC Board of Directors shall be held at least quarterly, either in person or by electronic means, or the Board of Directors shall maintain an e-mail list or message board for conducting business. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum. Board of Directors Meetings shall be open to all LPC members. Minutes of all Board of Directors meetings shall be posted on the LPC website within thirty (30) days of the date of the meeting.

Section 7. Notice of the date, time, and location of Board of Directors Meetings shall be posted on the LPC web site within twenty-four (24) hours of when Board of Directors members receive such notice.

VI. Affiliates

Section 1. Once at least five members of the LPC have signed a letter indicating their willingness to serve as officers in a state affiliate, it shall be the responsibility of the five members to hold an organizing convention.

Section 2. The organizing convention shall be scheduled in the state to be organized no sooner than thirty (30) days and no later than sixty (60) days after the LPC Board of Directors is presented with a letter as described in the aforementioned section.

Section 3. Timely notice of the affiliate organizing convention shall be mailed to all members of the Libertarian Party in the state at issue giving them notice of the meeting time and place. Notice shall also be published prominently on the LPC’s website at least thirty (30) days before the affiliate convention.

Section 4. At the organizing convention, the members of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus in the state being organized shall elect officers. At the conclusion of the organizing convention, the affiliate is officially formed. The organizing convention shall be chaired by the national LPC Chair or a designee approved by the LPC Board of Directors, should the Chair be unable to attend an organizing convention. All LPC members who reside in the state boundaries in question and are in attendance at the organizing convention shall become voting members of the new affiliate by virtue of attending the organizing convention.

Section 5. All members of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus who reside within an affiliated state shall automatically be a member of that affiliate.

Section 6. Each affiliate shall hold an Affiliate Convention every year prior to the LPC’s national Convention. This Affiliate Convention shall be to amend the Affiliate Bylaws, elect new officers, and any other business deemed necessary and proper.

Section 7. The Treasurer of the LPC and each Affiliate Treasurer shall work together to ensure Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compliance.

VII. Parliamentary Procedure

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the LPC in all cases to which they apply, and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws, any special rules of order the LPC may adopt, and any statutes or regulations applicable to the LPC.

VIII. Amendments

Section 1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the credentialed, dues-paying members at any Convention.

Section 2. To be considered in Convention, all bylaws’ amendment proposals must be presented in writing to the LPC Secretary at least seven (7) days before the Convention. An email address which can be used for these submissions shall be posted prominently on the web site. After a bylaws proposal is submitted, the Secretary shall post it on the LPC web site within three (3) days.