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Waiting to hold our Party’s National Convention until two or more months from the original date would be disastrous for our Party, our eventual nominees for the White House, and the participation of state delegations from around the nation who will need to scramble to adapt their travel plans when their workplaces will be starting to re-open and need them at their jobs.

Please write your own letter (or copy and paste the below) asking the Libertarian National Committee to move our nominating convention to a digital format into your email and send it to your LNC Chair, Vice Chair, At-Large, and Region Representatives! Their emails are included below for your convenience. Together, we can get this done.

You can also email all LNC members at once by visiting To email all, you can copy and paste this list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

[Subject]: Please Vote for a Digital Convention

Libertarian National Committee Member,

Our Party faces a difficult choice. Our National Convention is currently in limbo, and with it the entirety of Platform and Bylaw changes, LNC elections, and our Presidential nominations.

Due to the health risks presented to our delegates, committee members, activists, donors, and candidates, as well as the substantial Presidential campaign downsides that receiving a nomination as late as July would bring, I ask you to support measures for transitioning the National Convention to a digital medium that can be participated in remotely as soon as is reasonably possible.

Thank you,


LNC Officers

Nicholas Sarwark - Chair

Alex Merced - Vice-Chair

Caryn Ann Harlos - Secretary

Tim Hagan - Treasurer

LNC At-Large Representatives

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Sam Goldstein

Alicia Mattson

William Redpath

Joshua Smith

Region 1 Representative

Richard Longstreth

Francis Wendt

Region 2 Representative

Steven Nekhaila

Victoria Paige Lee — Alternate

Region 3 Representative

Elizabeth Van Horn

Dustin Nanna — Alternate

Region 4 Representative

Jeffrey Hewitt

Kenneth Olsen — Alternate

Region 5 Representative

Jim Lark

Susan Hogarth — Alternate

Region 6 Representative

John Phillips

Phillip Anderson — Alternate

Region 7 Representative

Whitney Bilyeu

Erin Adams — Alternate

Region 8 Representative

Justin O’Donnell

Pat Ford — Alternate

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