Dan Behrman

Dan Behrman

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Briefly tell us about yourself and why you’re running for president.

I’m running for president because this country needs an awakening to the fact that government does more harm than good. But, while other libertarians will complain about how bad the government is, I have actually proposed solutions to fix most of the critical problems. I have also established communication and talking points with people on the extreme ends of the spectrum, that have brought them to understand that libertarianism is good for everyone.

What are the top three issues your campaign will focus on?
My top three issues are ending the income tax, ending the drug war, and putting America on a path to prosperity and stability. If this Coronavirus crisis has shown us anything, it’s that most of America is so dependent on their paychecks, that their lives will fall apart after just a few weeks without it. This is not the foundation of a stable economy and needs to be fixed.

What would your pitch be to a lifelong Republican who is unhappy with Trump? What would your pitch be to a lifelong Democrat who is unhappy with Biden?
To republicans I say, republicans are not conservative. They like to grow the government just as much as the democrats. And while they do cut taxes, they don’t cut spending. They are just setting us up to have our children taxed to repay the loans. To democrats I say I understand their problems, I understand that too many people are working too hard to keep their heads above water. But the problem is not that other people are out of debt, the problem is that most of America is in debt. And that problem was created through decades of manipulating the public through coercive taxes, that takes everything we earn, so we have to work harder to serve the economy. While the democrats say they are for the people, their policies of higher taxes have only forced us to tread more water, just to stay alive.

What skills or lessons have you acquired from past campaigns or other involvement in politics?

The most important skill I have acquired from working on campaigns is communication. From talking with a diverse set of voters, I have had to deeply consider the libertarian principles, and how they could be used to benefit everyone.

Tell us about your campaign organization.

My campaign team is decentralized, and spread across the country. We have a core team that takes care of the day to day messaging, advertising, and strategy, and we have a large team of volunteers and fanatic supporters who are spreading our literature and stickers across the country and sharing our content across the internet.

How will nominating you impact Libertarians running viable campaigns for lower office?

I have already partnered with several cross-ballot candidates, helping them build websites and get print material to hand out at their events. We share the cost, we directly endorse each other, and we share other resources like volunteers. This means that every voter we touch in an overlapping area leans about more than one candidate, and our message can be spread more efficiently and with a unified message.

The Libertarian Party’s 2016 ticket received 4,489,341 votes, 3.3%. Will you improve on this in 2020, and how? Please be specific.
We will make a massive improvement over the 2016 vote totals. Our message has been tested and proven to attract even the most stubborn Trump and Sanders supporters. We will not be limited to attracting only the disenfranchised or the non-voters. Instead, our messaging has given us access to the entire voting public.