Endorsement Questions

Please see a list of our endorsement questions below. They are all free-response, except as indicated.

  1. Does your campaign have individuals other than yourself, serving in positions such as campaign manager, treasurer, etc., and if so, who and in which positions? List in brief any relevant experience they may have; e.g. having managed past campaigns., party offices held, etc.
  2. Does your campaign keep a database of contacts, e.g. NationBuilder? Has your state party made their data and membership/contact lists available to your campaign? (YES/NO)
  3. Does your campaign face any significant barriers to ballot access, and if so do you have a plan to overcome them?
  4. Does your campaign have a written campaign plan, covering such things as strategy, events, communications, as well as a potential path to victory?
  5. Has your campaign engaged in fundraising yet, and if so how much? (wanted: at least a few thousand, depending on the race)
  6. Do you have any specific proposals or campaign promises, concerning what you would do if elected? For example, if running for legislative office, bills you would introduce, or if an executive office, then actions that office could take.
  7. Does your campaign have a well-designed website and social media presence? If so, how many followers do you have on each of your campaign's social media accounts? (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). What’s your website?
  8. How many other candidates and from which parties are you facing in the general election?
  9. What is your profession or career in brief, and what relevant experience or talents do you have for the office?
  10. Does your campaign have a planned budget, estimating expected fundraising potential as well as setting out the uses that money will be put to?
  11. Do you have any established name-recognition or notability in your community, such that a substantial number of the voters already know who you are?
  12. Is the incumbent running for re-election? (YES/NO)
  13. Are there primaries being held for either of the major parties?
  14. In past elections, has the state/district you're running in had a history of leaning Republican or Democratic, and to what degree?
  15. Have you conducted any interviews with local print, radio, or television media, and if so how many? Do you have an established relationship with media figures in any of those outlets?
  16. Has your campaign received any notable endorsements from outside the party, such as from newspapers, current or former officeholders, or celebrities who are well-known in your area?