Public Office Candidate Endorsements Process and Questionnaire

For those who are seeking the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus endorsement in your races for public office, please fill out the following survey. After this survey is submitted, it is reviewed by our political director and your caucus state coordinators. Upon their recommendation, it is sent to the Board for final approval. For a complete list of questions prior to responding, please click here.

Some legal stuff: Endorsements do not constitute any promise to donate to a candidate or candidate's committee or provide support in-kind. Any action taken by the caucus and its associated Political Action Committee is independent of any direction or request by any candidate, endorsed or otherwise. Further, endorsements do not constitute any report-able value for state or federal filings.

Please answer each of the questions below.

Does your campaign have individuals other than yourself, serving in positions such as campaign manager, treasurer, etc., and if so, who and in which positions? List in brief any relevant experience they may have; e.g. having managed past campaigns., party offices held, etc.