Jacob Hornberger

Jacob Hornberger

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Briefly tell us about yourself and why you’re running for president.

I am president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, a non-profit, educational foundation that I founded in 1989 and whose mission is to present the principled case for libertarianism (and which does not endorse my candidacy). Prior to that, I was a trial attorney in Texas for 12 years and also served as an adjunct professor of law and economics at the University of Dallas. I also served two years as program director at The Foundation for Economic Education in New York.

I am running for president because I want to be free. That’s my goal. For 30 years, I have battled against the people, both Democrats and Republicans, who have destroyed our freedom and well-being. I decided that it was time to try to take them on in a more direct way — in the political arena by seeking to be the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate.

What are the top three issues your campaign will focus on?
  1. Foreign policy: End America’s foreign policy of interventionism by bringing all U.S. home from everywhere and immediately discharge them into the private sector. Rescind all executive orders establishing sanctions, embargoes, and trade wars. Dismantle the national-security establishment(i.e., the Pentagon, the military industrial complex, the CIA, and the NSA) in favor of a limited-government republic with a small, basic military force.
  2. Healthcare. Separate healthcare and the state by ending all governmental involvement in healthcare. The federal government’s centrally planned healthcare system, with its shortages, restrictions, controls, and chaos, is a major cause of the high death toll in the coronavirus crisis. Moreover, Medicare and Medicaid were the root cause of America’s ongoing healthcare crisis before the coronavirus hit. The free market produces the best of everything. It is the only way to extricate ourselves from the healthcare morass in which Democrats and Republicans have plunged us.
  3. End the war on drugs by legalizing all drugs, not just marijuana. People have the right to ingest whatever they want to ingest, no matter how harmful or destructive. Moreover, the war on drugs is a major cause of cause of violence in America, which is the excuse that the gun-grabbers use to try to take away our guns. It is also characterized by corruption, destruction of liberty and privacy, failure, and racial bigotry. Drug addiction belongs in the private sector — in treatment centers — not in the criminal justice arena.

What would your pitch be to a lifelong Republican who is unhappy with Trump? What would your pitch be to a lifelong Democrat who is unhappy with Biden?

If you like the direction in which America is heading — one toward state-sponsored assassinations, coups, regime-change operations, militarism, empire, foreign meddling, sanctions, embargoes, trade wars, mandatory charity, crises, chaos, out-of-control federal spending, taxes, and debt, suicides, violence, impoverishment, tyranny, oppression, and ever-increasing destruction of our liberty, health, privacy, and well-being — vote for either Trump or Biden — it doesn’t matter which one because they both favor the same systems that are producing such things.
If, on the other hand, you want America to head in a different direction — one toward liberty, health, peace, prosperity, and harmony with the people of the world — then join up with me and us libertarians.

What skills or lessons have you acquired from past campaigns or other involvement in politics?

Skill: Explaining libertarian positions in short, succinct, clear ways.

Lessons: Speak the truth, stand for high ethical standards, and adhere strictly to libertarian principles.

Tell us about your campaign organization.
  • Jake Porter of the Iowa LP is my campaign manager. I believe he’s the best campaign manager in the national LP and would put him up against Trump’s and Biden’s campaign manager any day of the week.
  • Brandon Reiser — Campaign Treasurer.
  • Mike Rinaldi — National Delegate Coordinator
  • Kathy Yeniscavich — National Volunteer Coordinator
  • Thomas Hill—Senior Advisor
  • Bea Burger — Communications Director
  • Jocelyn Fry — Chief of Staff

How will nominating you impact Libertarians running viable campaigns for lower office

Running a bold, exciting presidential campaign that relies on pure libertarian principles will garner national attention and support that will inevitably produce a positive effect for down-ticket Libertarians.

The Libertarian Party’s 2016 ticket received 4,489,341 votes, 3.3%. Will you improve on this in 2020, and how? Please be specific.

We have two options:

One, to play it safe by running a Republican-lite, welfare-warfare reform-oriented presidential campaign. That would no doubt garner that 3.3 percent, perhaps even 4 or 5. Big deal. In my opinion, that is nothing to really celebrate after 49 years of the party’s existence. The downside to playing it safe is that is little or no chance for a big payoff.

Two, I say let’s roll the dice and run a bold, exciting campaign that relies strictly on pure libertarian principles to show people that freedom, free markets, and a limited-government republic are the not only the key to liberty but also the only practical solution to the many crises that both Republicans and Democrats have foisted upon our land. By running a campaign of principle for the party of principle (e.g., calling for repeal, not reform, of welfare-warfare state programs and the income taxation and Federal Reserve debasement of currency that fund them), we do take a big risk that could conceivably cause us to fall back to 1 percent. But acting boldly is also the only way to achieve a big payoff. After 49 years of effort, I say let’s go for the chance of a big payoff.