Leadership Team

The leadership team are people who volunteer a substantial amount of their time each week to helping the LPC. From endorsements to website modifications, this caucus would be nothing without our amazing directors.

Andy Craig

Political Director
Andy's Libertarian Party involvement includes Libertarian Party of Wisconsin leadership and political candidate experience with his LPWI state affiliate.  Plus, experience working on both state affiliate and national LP committees. 

Libertarian Party elected & appointed positions: 
Secretary (former), Libertarian Party of Wisconsin 
Chair, Milwaukee County Libertarians 
District 4 Representative, LPWI Executive Committee. 
National Libertarian Party, 2018 Bylaws & Rules Committee. 
National Libertarian Party 2018 Platform Committee. 

Libertarian Party Campaign work:
Endorsements Director, Johnson/Weld 2016 

Libertarian Party political candidate experience
Candidate for U.S. House, Wis. 4th District, 2016
Candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State, 2014  

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Policy Director

Mark Rutherford

Field Director
Mark brings to the LPCaucus extensive experience within the Libertarian Party and libertarian movement. 

Libertarian Party elected & appointed positions
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee, 2010-2012
Chairman, Libertarian National Campaign/Congressional Committee, 2012-present
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Indiana, 2000 – 2007
Member, Libertarian National Committee, 2001 – 2006, 2010 – 2012
LNC-Employee Committee, 2002 – 2005 
LNC-Employee Committee Chair, 2004 – 2005
Executive Committee, 2004 – 2006 
Finance Committee Chair, 2005 – 2006, 
Affiliate Support Committee, 2010 - 2012
Member, Audit Committee of the Libertarian National Committee, 2008-2010

Libertarian Party Campaign work:
Chairman, Friends of Bell, 2008
Campaign Manager, Bees for Council, 1999
Treasurer, Horning for Mayor, 1999
Treasurer, Dillon for Secretary of State, 1998

LP Fundraising Work:
Fundraising Chair, Libertarian Party of Marion County, 1999 – 2000
Fundraising Committee, Libertarian Party of Indiana, 1999

Additional Liberty movement appointments
Indiana Public Defender Commission, Appointed as a Libertarian, 2007-present, Chairman, 2007-present.
President, Voice for America, 2017 -present
Member, General Counsel Search Committee of the Libertarian National Committee 2014-15
Advocates for Self Government, Board of Directors, 2009-2016

Jonathan Evans

IT Director

Updated November 12, 2019

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