LPCaucus Gears up for National Convention


The Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus (LPCaucus) is gearing up for the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in NOLA. You can learn more about the national convention on the LP's official convention website, https://libertarianconvention.org/

One of the most effective ways to create change in the Libertarian Party is by attending a national convention. For many, this can seem like a daunting process, and we want to help you navigate it. By clicking here and signing up on our national delegate form, we will reach out to you with information on how to attend as a delegate for your state, as well as personally invite you to our caucus convention happening on Saturday, June 30th, 2018. 

We have implemented a system of state and regional coordinators to make sure you are able to attend the national convention - check out our main discussion group on Facebook if you are looking for a way to find caucus members to share rooms or rides with.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in NOLA!