Election 2020 Update

As you know, this election cycle members of the caucus focused on local, winnable races. We’re already looking forward to the next round of elections, but first we wanted to celebrate the progress you and I have made together. Continue reading

Help Amash End Qualified Immunity

Qualified immunity protects police and other officials from consequences even for horrific rights abuses. It prevents accountability for the ‘bad apples’ and undermines the public’s faith in law enforcement. It’s at odds with the text of the law and the intent of Congress, and it ultimately leaves Americans’ rights without appropriate protection.  -Justin Amash (L-MI) The first Libertarian in Congress, Justin Amash, has secured crucial tripartisan support for ending qualified immunity. In order to make sure the bill continues to gain steam in the House, please use the form below to find and contact your representative by inputting your registered voter zip code here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative Continue reading

2020 LPCaucus Endorsements and Election Results

We are pleased to announce these endorsements for Libertarian National Committee, President of the United States and Vice-President of the United States, and the new LPCaucus Board of Directors.  Thank you to the hardworking members of our caucus who showed up to participate today - we appreciate your support! Continue reading

Call To Action - We need an Online Option

Waiting to hold our Party’s National Convention until two or more months from the original date would be disastrous for our Party, our eventual nominees for the White House, and the participation of state delegations from around the nation who will need to scramble to adapt their travel plans when their workplaces will be starting to re-open and need them at their jobs. Continue reading

2020 LNC Voter Guide

Are you curious about the candidates for the 2020 Libertarian National Convention? Our voter guide can assist you! Practical questions for President, Vice-President, Chair, and other LNC offices.  Continue reading

LPCaucus Endorsement Questionnaire

Announcing the 2020 LPCaucus Endorsement Questionnaire! This questionnaire allows our members to read more about their choices for endorsement this year for POTUS, LNC Chair, and other elected offices. An endorsement, if any, is ultimately up to our caucus members at our biennial caucus meeting. Submissions by candidates for these questions can be made by messaging our public Facebook page (click here). These results will be posted on April 18th, 2020 for our membership to review. Here are the questions: Continue reading

Laura Ebke in as Chair, other 2020 Special Convention News

We are pleased to announce Sen. Laura Ebke as the new Chair of the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus! From passing landmark occupational licensing reform to improving ballot access laws, Sen. Ebke knows how to get it done and we’re thrilled to have her join the LPCaucus team. Outgoing chair Alexander M. DiBenedetto will also be moving to the role of Executive Director as we prepare for the 2020 Libertarian National Convention. Continue reading

A World Set Free In Your Lifetime

Thank you for your fight for the future of this Party. Through your hard work, activism, and volunteerism at the local, state, and national level, the LP is seeing an uptick in donors, candidates, and elected officials. You have the best ballot access going into a Presidential election in Party history (donate to that important cause here). As I've traveled across the country to various state conventions, there is a focus and determination on winning elections that I've never witnessed before in the LP.  Continue reading

Libertarian Frontier Project

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended the Libertarian Frontier Summit in Cheyenne, WY. It was a truly remarkable event, and I’d like to report to LPCaucus members what happened and what we’ll be doing about it. Continue reading

LPCaucus LNC Endorsements

The official LPCaucus LNC Endorsements, decided by the credentialed members at our welcome meeting last evening. Chair - Nick Sarwark Vice-Chair - Joe Hauptmann Secretary - Alicia Mattson Treasurer - Tim Hagan At-Large: Joe Bishop-Henchman, Mohammad-Reza Khosh-Sirat, Bill Redpath Official LPCaucus LNC Recommendations (made during voting): At-large: Sam Goldstein, Alicia Mattson, Chris Thrasher, and Daniel Hayes.