LNC Vice Chair

Richard Longstreth

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What role are you running for, and why are you running?

My name is Richard Longstreth and I am running to be your next Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. I am running because I want to see our grassroots reignited. The liberty movement is alive and well and our message resonates more with people today, given the government overreach during this crisis, than it did six months ago. If elected I will be focusing internally to support staff at every level and developing effective startegies to increase operational efficiency. In recent weeks I've been attending roughly 10 staff standup meetings per week to get a good understanding of progress and projects the staff is working on and will continue to do so in an effort to support them as much as I can on the LNC. 

Aside from headquarters, I will be focusing on moving the LNC toward more affiliate support and would like to see the affiliate support committee better develop LPaction and host more affiliate focused programs such as the LPEverywhere contest held done last year.

It is also important that the LNC focus on our candidates. We have done a great job recruiting people onto ballots but I want to see us win more races. I would like the LP to develop recorded training classes and informational resources made available to help candidates understand the basics of running a campaign; basic fundraising, door knocking, etc as example topics. I will also support projects such as the frontier project which focuses on targeted races in very winnable districts. The development of libertarian candidates in these targeted races is the beginning to being taken more seriously and winning higher offices.

I hope to have your support to be the next LNC Vice Chair and welcome your input on how to take our party to the next level. To learn more please visit www.RLforLNC.com and follow me on Facebook.

Ken Moellman


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

My name is Ken Moellman. I’ve been a member of the party since 1998, and actively-involved in the party since 2006. Among the highlights of my LP resume, I have served as State Chair (3 terms), District (Region) chair for 3 terms (3 years), run for statewide office (holding the current percentage record in Kentucky), and have served as campaign manager or adviser for multiple other campaigns. I’m an IT professional with a specialty in process improvement and automation.

My analysis of my experiences and my study of the history of non-major-party elections leads me to one conclusion: We must have real grassroots support – boots on the ground – to have any sort of sustainable, long-term wins.

National can help, and is currently helping, by providing economies-of-scale infrastructure to the state parties, through the State CRM/Website and Shared Email services. Currently, 22 states are using the Web/CRM functionality, and 12 states using Shared Email functionality. These programs permit states to have a stable platform with a serious, professional look, without tying up the limited resources on the ground to do so. (And we cut budget in other places, by making those other functions more efficient, to pay for these projects.)

I helped architect and build those systems, and for the last 3 years I’ve helped maintain them on a day-to-day basis for free – as a volunteer.

We can do more. As we continue to on-board more states, the early adopters are now moving into Phase 2, where they begin to leverage their data to help grow their grassroots. Using shared knowledge on what’s effective for outreach, we can leverage the now-organized data to grow our county parties across the country. County party growth means we become more capable of winning.

My core focus, if chosen to be the Vice-Chair, will be using economies of scale to save money through technological improvement, and growing the party at the state and local levels.

You can learn more about me, and view my full LP resume, on my website, http://km4vc.com/ and can reach me on my Facebook page, https://fb.me/ken.moellman/

Thank you for your involvement in the Libertarian Party, and for your consideration.

Stephen Quinn

Candidate declined to respond.

LNC Secretary

Caryn Ann Harlos

Brian Ellison


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

My name is Brian Ellison, and I’d love the opportunity to serve as your next secretary on the Libertarian National Committee.

I’ve been leery about seeking a representative position, because fundamentally I’ve always questioned the motives of those who aggressively seek these positions. However, this year is different. I believe the LNC is in need of a massive overhaul. I know that my tenacity, temperament, intelligence, and sound commitment to principled and practical decision making will be a massive benefit to the LNC and the Libertarian Party as a whole.

My professional career as a construction manager gives me all of the qualifications needed to serve as an effective and efficient secretary for the party. I've been doing secretarial tasks for my entire professional career. This type of work is not new to me.

While I currently serve as the chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s Legislative Committee, my tenure with the Libertarian Party has been primarily focused on campaigning and political activism. All of my campaigns have been for federal office, as I sought to represent pure libertarian values, on a platform that would elevate our message to the largest audience possible. As a candidate for US Senate and US House, I’ve fully embraced the concept of bold and audacious messaging, as I see that as the most effective way to campaign in races that are unwinnable. As a result, I’ve earned local, state, national, and international press coverage in my past races.

However, the role of the LNC is much different than that of a federal candidate. The LNC is not a platform to be used to promote personal or factional agendas. Officers of this party must understand and adhere to libertarian principles, but have a commitment to represent the members in a professional and positive manner at all times. I have done this throughout my career and will do this as an officer of our party.

Please support me in this endeavor, and together we can efficiently and practically manage the business of our party, as the dedicated members work tirelessly to achieve a world set free!

Evan McMahon


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

My Name is Evan McMahon and I am a candidate for LNC Secretary.

I have been a card-carrying Libertarian Party member for 10 years. In that time I have worn many hats for the party, both locally and nationally. I have managed and advised campaigns all across the country, camped out for a month in Illinois to help with their first successful petition challenge, organized and trained county parties in several states, petitioned to get candidates on the ballot, lobbied legislators to ease ballot access restrictions, served on the boards of my county and state party, previously served as an at-large on the LNC, was executive director of the LNCC, was party to a lawsuit against the FEC, and currently serve as Development Director for the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

In my day-to-day professional life, I also wear many hats. I operate an FDA compliance consultancy and an independent film production company. I also serve as the founding and senior pastor of a local church that focusses our efforts on the daily care and support of the poor in our community. Each of these requires massive amounts of study, paperwork, and diligent note-taking.

I am seeking the role of LNC Secretary because I believe I can do the job, without getting into toxic parliamentary fights or personal vendettas. In my state party, Indiana, I have a reputation for respecting others even when we disagree. I do not engage in tactics on display currently by some of the members of the LNC. I believe in thoughtful and respectful debate and discussion followed by an up or down vote. If after that the membership disagrees, they will make that known at the next convention. And for me, the will of the delegates is the final authority.

Cecil Ince

Candidate declined to respond.

LNC Treasurer

Tim Hagan


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I am running to be re-elected Treasurer. During the past term, we have filed accurate FEC reports and financial reports. I made the motion to add auxiliary memberships as a fun way to fundraise. I discovered deceitful filings with the FEC using the Libertarian name and we took action that stopped that group. During the next term, I would like to see the LNC pay off the mortgage on the office (principal is down to $88,000), evaluate the results from the candidate support provided by the Frontier Project and continue the project in 2022 if the results are positive, and continue supporting state affiliates with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project. I appreciate your support.


LNC At-Large

Paige Sexton


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I am running for LNC At-Large because I want to help be a voice to those throughout the Libertarian Party and the larger liberty community beyond it. Being the LNC Region 2 Alternate this previous term has allowed me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and puts me in a place to be successful in an at-large position. I want to see the LP continue its growth with bottom-up, grassroots tradition. I believe as an at-large representative I can help the LNC properly allocate available resources to ballot access and candidate support (a Committee in which I served this past term). Other important focuses of mine also include promoting youth engagement (another committee I belong to), community outreach, and membership recruitment so that our party continues to grow and prosper. I believe my term as region 2 alternate has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and ability to better serve the LNC as an at-large member to help continue our success in these regards.

Erik Raudsep


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I am running for the LNC at large. The reason I am running is I have old party experience as well as NPO’s and NGO’s and a voice of reason and moderation to drive the positive change that we all so eagerly want to see in our party. I have been a libertarian since 2001, and active in the NC Libertarian party since 2009. I am currently the Durham County Chair and the Coalition Director for the state of North Carolina. However I have been on the North Carolina Executive Committee for two terms. I have been the state Political Director and have assisted on several special projects for the state and have run for NC State Legislature district 31

I want to bring development to the Libertarian party. There has been discussion of creating, in one form or another, a Candidate and an Affiliate in the box since the 80’s. We need to roll out these programs immediately, we as individuals in the Libertarian party have spent too much energy and effort in re-inventing the wheel too many times for solutions that already exist and are effective. We as a party need to encourage the development of single issue groups to surround our party almost as stairs into the pool. We throw our new members so often into the deep end hoping they swim and waiting for them to sink or get out of the pool. These single issue groups will allow the development into the party at their own pace with issues they find important. We must encourage the development of liberty not thrust liberty on new members. Lastly we need some healthy division in our party to debate the path forward however much like the political landscape of the United States our division has become caustic at times. We need a voice of reason, an individual to reset the conversation, to be productive again, pushing forward the development of liberty. I know myself Erik Raudsep to be that individual and voice. Thank you. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, at [email protected] or on my Facebook page facebook.com/ErikRaudsep

Sam Goldstein


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I'm running for another term as an At Large member of the Libertarian National Committee to allow me to continue to bring my wealth of experience to help local and state LP parties where ever they need and want it. I have worked well with Libertarians of all persuasions during my 20 years in the party with the goal of moving our society in a libertarian direction through political action. I joined the LP in 1998 after having voted Libertarian since 1976. Within a year I had run for Indianapolis City-County Council and was Vice-Chair of my county party. I have since served as County Chair (we ran 47 local candidates during my term), LPIN Membership Director, Vice-Chair and two terms as LPIN Chair (we ran over 200 candidates during my tenure). I've run for partisan, public office 8 times, ranging from local to State Representative to statewide for Supt. of Public Instruction. I've also managed two statewide campaigns, Governor in 2000 and Secretary of State (LPIN Ballot access race) in 2002 which allowed us to retain ballot access for 4 years. I've advised several additional statewide campaigns since then. I've served five terms on the LNC, Region 3 Alternate and Representative and as an At Large member elected by the delegates to the 2014 Convention and re-elected in 2016 and 2018 with majority approval of the delegates. I've also served several times on the By-Laws and Platform Committees. Serving on the LNC in any capacity brings with it a responsibility to preserve and extend the party’s reach with voters and to be a guardian of the party’s resources. As an At Large member I would present a thoughtful and reasonable path toward a more libertarian society for both party member and the voters we are trying to persuade to vote for our candidates. Please let me know if you have any questions. [email protected] is the best way to reach me.

Henry Conoly


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I am running for LNC At-Large. I am running for this position because I believe that my voice can make a positive impact on the LNC. I am focused on fixing our messaging, building unity and making sure that we are appealing to anyone who is anti-authoritarian. To continue the growth of this party and to continue to challenge the two party system we must build a broad party of voices from the right and left. Doing so will set us up to be a home for those who are continually disgusted with the duopoly.

You can find more at my candidate page, https://www.facebook.com/henryclibertarian and I hope to have your support.

Valerie Sarwark


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I'm running for LNC At-Large because my demographic is severely underrepresented within the LNC itself and I want to bring that voice of the politically active wife and mother. Not only will I be a voice for that group, but for women and families, as well. Making the party more attractive and welcoming to families is extremely important to me and the main reason we bring our children to so many local and national events. I currently serve on the LNC's Membership Support Committee, the LPNH Convention Committee and I am on the Executive Committee as an At-Large member for the Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party. I've been active both locally and nationally for almost 10 years and in my free time, I enjoy watching The Golden Girls and Investigation Discovery.

Jared Hall

What role are you running for, and why are you running?

I am running for At-Large because I want to be the change I want to see. I want to see us move the Party forward and continue the momentum I saw when I joined having previously been an anti-war independent in 2016. We’re all on the train to freedom and maximum liberty, but we all choose to get off at different spots. Where those spots are need to stop being roadblocks to growth and progress. As such, I would work diligently to see the board be active, think outside the box, and accomplish the goals that we set forth in a timely fashion. I would see to it that we keep our state and local affiliates in the loop, so as best to maximize our efforts as a political party with the ultimate goal of the Party being to elect as many Libertarians across the country as we can, while offering the support that is needed to the affiliates to see this goal accomplished. I have served on the SCC of two states- Nebraska and currently Indiana. I have also worked with many campaigns and libertarian organizations to educate legislators about Libertarian positions, such as birth choice and midwifery, occupational licensing reform, cannabis reform, and homeschooling.

Bill Redpath

I've been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1984, serving in numerous roles including National Chair, Treasurer, state party chair, and candidate for public office. I'm a CPA with an MBA from the University of Chicago.

I'm the informal "Champion of Ballot Access" on the LNC. I began petitioning as a volunteer for the LP in 1988, gathering 2,000 signatures for our presidential ticket. In 1996, I gathered 1,179 signatures in one day for our North Carolina ballot access, which I believe still stands as a record.

I thank you for your consideration to re-elect me to the LNC.

Kieran Ó Sé

Candidate declined to respond. 

Boomer Shannon

Candidate declined to respond.