Our Caucus

Thank you for visiting our website and learning about the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus! Here you'll find links to blog posts, events, and various other useful guides and information for candidates.

We celebrate our ideological diversity.

As Libertarians, we're not going to agree on everything - and that's OK!

What we can agree on:

  1. We need to elect Libertarians to state and local public office.
  2. We need to promote practical solutions to our ideological platform.

Consider helping us out by signing up to volunteer or donating.

If you have any questions, comments, or wish to update your membership status contact us using this online form or email libertarianpragmatistcaucus@gmail.com.


Please see some of our FAQs below:

1. Do you want to change the platform or statement of principles?

Nope! Our caucus is inclusive of all self-identifying libertarians looking to improve the Libertarian Party and get candidates elected. Individual members have their opinions of the platform and SOP, and we encourage them to pursue those individually - our caucus is not looking to change the platform or SOP. Therefore, we support the LP platform entirely.

2. What are you trying to do?

We are trying to focus the Libertarian Party on its central goal of winning elections. Often the Party focuses on auxiliary goals: members, ballot access, messaging, etc. Those aren't the central goal - the reason we exist - of the Party, however. We want to turn our amazing platform into policy - by getting Libertarians elected to public office.

3. How are you helping?

We have a number of helpful resources on this website to assist candidates and campaigns in running for office. We are always looking to expand those resources, also. We also endorse LNC candidates who understand the importance of projects like the Libertarian Frontier project, seeking to get the Party its first state legislative wins in nearly 20 years. The importance of building a true framework for winning elections and building strong state affiliates is past overdue. With your help, we are influencing the conversation at all levels in order to make the Party better and see that world set free in our lifetimes.

4. Don't caucuses just divide the Party? Shouldn't we be working together?

Caucuses need not be divisive - that is certainly not the goal of the Pragmatist caucus. In fact, caucuses are an important way to bring in voters who respond to slightly different messaging than the national Party. They also help members within the Party to work together to make it better - they bring people together in the Party. Caucuses can also provide resources and help to candidates, state affiliates, and activists without having to go through the main Party infrastructure. Most importantly, the Pragmatist Caucus has members from nearly all of the other caucuses in the Libertarian Party. We aren't an ideological caucus, we're a methodological caucus - and everyone can get behind finding and repeating methods that get Libertarians elected! 

5. How can I get involved?

You can get involved with the LP by clicking here and you can get involved in the caucus by clicking here. We need state coordinators for national conventions especially, so please reach out if you are interested by messaging us on Facebook here or posting in our Facebook group.