Practical Guides

Here you can find and download resources to help you or someone you know run for office!

Campaign Training Slides

Here you can find links to the slide decks from our previous training events.

Data & CRM Basics

An overview of basic campaign data and a Customer-Relations Manager (CRM). Instructor: Alexander DiBenedetto

What Office Do I Run For? & Campaign Timeline

An overview of what office to run for (by completing a landscape memo) and the campaign timeline. Instructor: Apollo Pazell.

Influencing Legislators

An overview of how to get meetings with legislators and influence them to make more libertarian policy. Instructor: Joe Bishop-Henchman

Campaign Templates

Here you can find various walk throughs, guides, and templates for running for office.

Written Campaign Plan Walk through & Guide

This guide will walk you through the creation of a written campaign plan.  This is essential planning for starting and managing your campaign.















Spreadsheet A - Voter Calculations

Spreadsheet to be used along with the walk through guide to determine the number of voters needed for your path to victory.






Election Compliance Information by State


Knowing the election laws for your state will help you avoid being kicked off the ballot or worse - being subjected to fines and penalties.  This is a list of links to help you find the election laws for your state.




Communications Templates

Press Release


An important part of any candidate's repertoire is the press release. Here is a simple template to get you started. Click to download a Microsoft Word template.