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Thank you. 

Because of you, the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus made great strides forward this year. You and I have already had a major impact on the culture and focus of the Libertarian Party - by emphasizing candidates with an electable, practical platform and pushing the LNC to adopt reforms. 

In order to continue our fight at the national level, you and I need funds to secure crucial tabling space and supplies for the Caucus. These supplies will allow us to reach new members at the 2018 NOLA Convention and convince them our Party needs a renewed focus on electing candidates. 

This is our grassroots fight for liberty in the Libertarian Party. Will you donate $25 today? To donate online, click here.

Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for your passion for liberty, support for the caucus, and generosity of spirit; together, we are going to bring peaceprosperity, and freedom to the United States of America.

Much Gratitude,

Alexander DiBenedetto
Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

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  • Jonathan Richter
    commented 2017-11-30 20:07:29 -0500
    The LP will never be able to field candidates that can win as long as the electoral system maintains its First Past the Post system of elections. In this environment, the “wasted vote syndrome” will always cause people to vote their fears rather than their aspirations. They will always vote for the lesser of two evils. That’s how the LP can run a completely credible, experienced ticket, containing two men who both not only got elected as Governors but re-elected, and still get only 3% of the vote despite running against the biggest buffoon in the history of American democracy, and the most power hungry megalomaniac since LBJ. That is why there is one issue, and only one issue, that the LP should put all it’s weight behind. And that is Electoral Reform. We must change the system of elections in this country from its current single winner district system, to one of Ranked Choice Voting. If the People had had the option to cast a vote for Gary Johnson, while still retaining the ability to move that vote to their backup choice of gigantic douche or turd sandwich, Johnson would have gotten between 15 and 25 % of the vote. Not enough to win, but enough be taken seriously from there on out. We must go state by state and get RCV initiatives onto the ballot and passed. This will not be easy, or quick, unless you define quick relative the 45 years the LP has spent to achieve its current state of irrelevancy. The State of Maine has already started the process. They passed RCV across the whole state by initiative. The Governor, realizing what a gigantic disaster that was for the D’s and R’s decided to invalidate the election. So now the RCV folks have to collect another 30,000 signatures to keep the will of the voters alive. It should be and brainer that any policy that causes D’s and R’s to soil their britches like that must be good for us. 22 other states also have the right of initiative. Just as Marijuana legalization took several decades to achieve it’s current tipping point position, art will take a couple of decades to change the system. But change it we must. We cannot do it alone. We must reach out to the Greens, the American Independents, the Tea Party, the Reform Party, independents, and anyone else sick and tired of our clearly dysfunctional [email protected]#$%% of a system. Our spirit of cooperation in this endeavor will be looked upon favorably in the current climate of total party warfare.