This page lists the responses from the various candidates for regional representative to the LNC. As a reminder, the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus does NOT make any endorsements or recommendations for these offices: the following responses are purely informational.

Region 1

Alex Flores

Candidate has not yet responded.

Craig Bowden

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 2

Steven Nekhaila

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 3

Elizabeth Van Horn

Candidate has not yet responded.

Dustin Nanna

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 4

Please congratulate Jeff Hewitt on his re-election to Regional Representative.

Region 5

Susan Hogarth

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 6

John Phillips

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 7

Whitney Bilyeu

Candidate has not yet responded.

Region 8

Tucker Coburn


What role are you running for, and why are you running?

My name is Tucker Coburn and I am currently the 1st Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New
York. I bring a background in campaigns to the table: I was the Field Director for Larry Sharpe’s
campaign for Governor, I am the National Team Lead for Ken Armstrong’s campaign for Vice
President, and I am the Field Director for Joe Bishop-Henchman’s campaign for LNC Chair. I
am running for LNC Region 8 Representative to accomplish 3 main objectives:

(1) Enable candidates in Region 8 to win state legislature and local races. The number one
way for the Libertarian Party to move forward is to run competitive campaigns and elect
Libertarians. Successful Libertarian candidates bring press and legitimacy, engage volunteers,
and bring Libertarians to the negotiation table.

I will facilitate the transfer of knowledge from successful campaigns and the Frontier Project so
that state and local parties are able to (a) identify winnable races, (b) recruit candidates, and (c)
run winning campaigns. In addition, I will actively encourage candidates in Region 8 to
participate in LP National’s eCanvasser program. It is a great opportunity for candidates to get
access to high quality campaign tools. More importantly for long-term success, it is an
opportunity for LP National to build a robust voter database so our campaigns can better
compete with the Republicans and Democrats, who have been developing such databases for
over 20 years.

There is not a one-size fits all solution to the region: Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have
relatively small state legislature districts that are winnable. On the other end of the spectrum,
New York and New Jersey have large state legislature districts with high major party spending,
so our resources will be optimally used starting at the local and county level. Connecticut,
Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are in the middle - districts are potentially winnable with
substantial resources, campaign knowledge, and proper district identification.

(2) Foster better communication. State LPs face many of the same challenges, and can
attack problems together with shared knowledge. For example, I recently participated in an
NJLP Board meeting, and they were discussing how to best implement Slack. In New York, we
attempted to use Slack but ultimately failed. I drew some insights from that failure and passed
them along to the NJLP chair so their implementation will run smoother. Additionally, in that
same meeting I found it disappointing how little information the NJLP had received regarding the
LNC Meeting from the day before. Good communication is vital, and there is certainly room for
improvement in Region 8.

(3) Improve the LP’s public image. I understand that the decisions we make on the LNC and
our party’s messaging goes beyond Libertarian circles - we are judged by voters, donors, press,
and potential Libertarians. I will bring professionalism to the LNC and encourage others to do
the same.

I appreciate your support!

Pat Ford

Candidate has not yet responded.

Spencer Dias

Candidate has not yet responded.

Rich Bowen

Candidate has not yet responded.