Regional Representative

Justin O'Donnell



What experience and accomplishments do you have in the Libertarian Party? Include internal party positions as well as positions on LP campaigns for public office.

Incumbent Region 8 Rep, Founded 2 regional affiliates, Active lobbyist in the NH State House, and Candidate for US congress.

What experience do you have outside of the Libertarian Party that you think would be useful or relevant to the position you’re seeking?

I am a sales manager and trainer, my whole career has been built on teaching people how to craft a message to reach people who aren't listening.

What does the national committee currently do well, and how can it improve?

forget what we do good, what we do poorly is support our candidates, and that needs to be an ultimate focus of a political party that exists to get candidates get elected.

What specific goals would you would like to accomplish during the 2018-2020 term, if elected?

I would like to see a more robust candidate support program developed, building on the documented experiences of our higher profile candidates running in 2018, as well as looking into the possibilities of active state level lobbying organizations with Libertarian missions that we could support.

How do you see the role of the position you are seeking (e.g. Chair, Secretary, etc.) as it relates to the rest of the LNC, and to the LP Staff?

While I have a vote in matters presented to the LNC, my ultimate responsibility is to the state chairs of my region, and to ensure that my votes reflect their needs and wishes for the party.

How do you think the national committee can best serve the state and local affiliates, and help get more Libertarians elected to public office?

The national party has a captive audience, and access to a much larger fundraising pool than many of our candidates. while it is impractical to freely share that access with ALL candidates, more should be done to empower our candidates to raise funds, and to encourage our donors to support them.