Tim Hagan (Incumbent)



What experience and accomplishments do you have in the Libertarian Party? Include internal party positions as well as positions on LP campaigns for public office.

I've had the honor to serve as Treasurer for the past six years. I am serving on the Awards Committee and the Candidate Support Committee, and serve as the Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. I have served as a Regional Alternate to the LNC from 2000-2006, Treasurer of our county party, and been on the Bylaws Committee. I'm a perennial candidate, having run for public office ten times and am currently running to be the US Senator from Nevada.

What experience do you have outside of the Libertarian Party that you think would be useful or relevant to the position you’re seeking?

Member, Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Missouri University of Science & Technology

What does the national committee currently do well, and how can it improve?

Fundraising has increased during the past two years, primarily by adding staff to cultivate relations with donors. The LNC does a good job in assisting state affiliates with onerous ballot access laws to give voters the ability to vote for Libertarian candidates.

What specific goals would you would like to accomplish during the 2018-2020 term, if elected?

Continue to pay down on the office mortgage to avoid a balloon payment in 2024. Keep myself out of prison by filing accurate reports to the FEC. As Treasurer, I will continue to help the affiliates when they have questions concerning filing with the FEC, or handling bequests that are above their contribution limit.

How do you see the role of the position you are seeking (e.g. Chair, Secretary, etc.) as it relates to the rest of the LNC, and to the LP Staff?

The Treasurer works with the Operations Director in creating monthly financial reports and draft annual budgets for the LNC. The Treasurer reviews the monthly Reports of Contributions and Expenditures to the FEC for accuracy and signs the reports. The Treasurer approves certain expenditures, including the credit card charges and reimbursements over $200 to other LNC members. As Treasurer, I updated the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual in consultation with the Executive Director, Operations Director, and FEC consultant. The Treasurer is looked at to propose changes to the budget, determine which budget line item an expense is charged against, and be familiar with the campaign finance laws.

How do you think the national committee can best serve the state and local affiliates, and help get more Libertarians elected to public office?

Use economies of scale to create tools usable by our affiliates and candidates, such as website hosting & templates for local candidates.