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Vermin Supreme

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Briefly tell us about yourself and why you’re running for president.

I am Vermin Love Supreme, a longtime political activist who has developed a career using my
skillset as a direct action activist, a de-escalator, a political junkie, and – perhaps most famously -
a satirist. I have long stood against the duopoly and have fought in direct actions with fellow
activists over more than three decades. Nearly two years ago, I received a call from someone in
the Libertarian Party, Desarae Lindsey, who is now my campaign manager, asking if I would
make a legitimate run. After mulling it over and weighing options with my wife, trusted friends,
and political colleagues, I came to the conclusion that I was willing to explore my options. The
response was overwhelming – there were many Libertarians who were interested in helping me
organize, and there were some who were understandably wary and perhaps critical. I do believe
that, in this time of duopoly bred divineness, my brand of humor and my understanding of true
freedom could be healing, and together with the Libertarian Party, its beautiful platform, and my existing following, we could indeed make an unforgettable impact.

What are the top three issues your campaign will focus on?
  • Ending the modern police and prison industrial complex. I would issue Presidential Pardons to anyone who has received a federal sentence for a victimless crime. I would work within the Congress to ensure the same happened within their districts, and that the War on Drugs – which has left many victims in its wake, including many broken families, would come to a complete and utter end.
  • Healthcare is an issue near and dear to many voters, and rightfully so. Government involvement in our healthcare system has created unmitigated disaster after unmitigated disaster, and our system currently offers anything from which more than a few citizens actually benefit. For example, regarding the current crisis we’re facing with COVID-19, I’d work with local healthcare workers and local officials to safely allow the reopening of some aspects of public life in the localities where that makes sense, while listening to the advice of scientists who say that other certain cities and states need more time. Let each city and state decide within their community how to handle the next steps. There is a lot that can be learned and implemented if we take everything back to local decision making, and we do so with no motivation other than compassion.
  • Along those same lines, I would work to release federal control of schools. Education is, naturally, extremely important to many Americans. If we put control back into the hands of the communities – who know far better what their needs are than out of touch politicians from DC – we can see children and communities thrive. Children naturally love to learn and federal mandates serve as more of a barrier.

What would your pitch be to a lifelong Republican who is unhappy with Trump? What would your pitch be to a lifelong Democrat who is unhappy with Biden?
I would tell them both to not allow fear to dictate their political decisions. Voters often ultimately vote against their opposition rather than for something they believe in and the old parties use it to their advantage. Year after year, the duopoly run corporate shills that only appear in opposition on the surface but, beneath it all, support the same disastrous policies that result in less freedom for you and more money for themselves and their cronies.
If they took a look at the Libertarian Party platform, they, too, may come to the same understanding I did: That there is something here for everyone, and that the ultimate goal is freedom for ALL individuals. We can do better, we will do better, and we must start now.

What skills or lessons have you acquired from past campaigns or other involvement in politics?

As a long time non-violent direct action activist, I have participated in demonstrations across the country that have garnered media attention and generated a viral character and a following that I have used to amplify my voice exponentially. At these protests I have used humor to de-escalate confrontations between protestors and police. That, along with my time at Rainbow Gatherings (anarchistic meeting of thousands of hippies in the woods) has taught me the skills of decentralized and horizontal leadership.

Tell us about your campaign organization.

My campaign is staffed by dozens of principled Libertarians including, but not limited to, a number of current and former elected officials, people who joined or rejoined the party as a result of my campaign, and long-time activists and organizers from around the country. We’ve received many, many inquiries from a great deal dissatisfied former duopoly voters who have expressed interest in working with us in the general election. My campaign staff has already pivoted to readying for the general, and I feel they are poised to bolster this campaign to unimaginable heights.

How will nominating you impact Libertarians running viable campaigns for lower office?

I have a platform and a following that draw eyes and ears to the party, and would certainly be useful to anyone running for a lower office who wishes to share in it. I also recognize that certain areas of the country are different culturally to others, and if a candidate felt their constituents would not take as kindly to my character or my message, they would be perfectly able to shift the focus to the serious side of this campaign.

The Libertarian Party’s 2016 ticket received 4,489,341 votes, 3.3%. Will you improve on this in 2020, and how? Please be specific.
I believe I have something unique to bring to this party that will see historical gains for us come November. Some of my supporters go so far as to assert that I may have the greatest potential of the current field to take 5%, some even say 15%.  Last election I am sure at least the 5% would have been the case. It is true that satire and humor have been one of my key message delivery systems. This strategy has allowed me as an individual to amplify my voice a million times and has earned me an expansive youth following. Every year 3.9 million high school students graduate – give me 2 of those years, that’s 8 million. Add 17 million college kids, and that’s 25 million. If I get ¼ of these votes, that is 6.5 million votes, AKA 5%.
A simple review of most of the thousands of interviews and earned media will display an ability to switch easily between presenting context, analysis, and farce. I believe most people, and the media, understand my boot and pony persona to be a come on.
My activities on the street and the national political stage have been challenging the duopoly, the police, and the state for longer than many activists have been alive. I have a very wide fan base across the political spectrum. My name recognition is international. My social media presence as a meme is rather large. My demographic is desirable.
I am in a pretty good position as a Libertarian Party candidate to present our beautiful platform in a unique, entertaining, thought provoking fashion to the public, as has been evidenced by my performance in the LP Presidential Candidate Membership Contest.
I have used a combination of chasing other candidates across the primaries and duopoly conventions over the years, producing viral media stunts, and can proudly say that I have seen this strategy, along with presenting myself in a serious manner, result in membership growth since I’ve been running in the Libertarian Party.  Several documentaries have been made about me and my efforts, and there will likely be one for 2020 as well. I will continue to paint the Libertarian Party and its platform in the same glowing light that I have been since announcing my run last year.