Vice President

Ken Armstrong

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Please briefly describe what office you are running for and why you're running for office.

I am a husband and father of 3 who has developed a uniquely substantial resume for the office of President of the United States. I have extensive military and federal government experience through my career as a heavily decorated military officer and NATO base commander, disaster response planner in Los Angeles/Long Beach, for which I received a Federal Executive of the Year nomination, and my role working with the Surgeon General of the US as the Chief of Healthcare Quality Assurance for the US Coast Guard. I’ve also developed a strong not-for-profit resume as the CEO of Hawaii Habitat for Humanity. I’ve been twice elected to the Honolulu County Neighborhood Board, coordinated the victory of former Hawaii Congressman Neil Abercrombie’s 1996 reelection campaign, and served on the Hawaii Democratic Party Platform Committe’s Civil Rights Division. I used to write a regular column for the Pacific Business News and I’ve taught at Rogue Community College. I am a minister of a non-denominational church on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The groundwork for my run for office was set in the 2016 election. I watched as voters became more gripped by fear and tribalism than they had ever been before, and as the Libertarian nominee’s sensible and principled campaign failed to connect with the angst of the American people. I gradually came to realize that my criticisms of the government and the administration came from a place of experience, and that I had to step up and offer solutions to both the problems of the state and the problems of our party’s campaigning.

But in particular, during President Trump’s shutdown in 2018, I watched Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross - the one man who should understand the economic life of the country - tell a reporter that he couldn’t understand why there was a problem. He thought they should just go out and take loans. At the time, I was helping connect struggling Coast Guard families with financial support, as they were not provided with pay during the shutdown but still had to show up for work.

If watching politicians pander to tribalism and fear had fueled my awareness that the government was killing the greatness of the American spirit, hearing Ross's out-of-touch reply was the match that lit the fire. I realized this was the moment that made sense of my background. I knew that the anger and resentment in the American psyche needs to be refocused on the real battle -- the battle against tyranny. And to lead that fight, I launched my candidacy for President of the United States of America.

Note: Ken responded to the questionnaire before changing his candidacy from President to Vice President. His first answer from the President questionnaire has been posted here as it is similar to the question proposed to the candidates for Vice President.

Spike Cohen


Please briefly describe what office you are running for and why you're running for office.

My name is Spike Cohen, and I am running for the Libertarian Party's Vice Presidential nomination.

I am a business owner who started a web design company in 1999 when I was a teenager. 3 years ago I sold that company so I could pursue my true passion full-time: spreading the message of liberty to a public that often has never heard it.

To that end, I became the host of My Fellow Americans, the co-host of the Muddied Waters of Freedom, and the co-owner of Muddied Waters Media. We have an extensive reach on all social media and podcasting platforms, which is primarily geared towards using entertainment to expose disillusioned, disenfranchised voters to the libertarian message of self-ownership, nonaggression, property rights and voluntary solutions.

Hosting and producing two live libertarian programs, and interacting with countless people over these years, I've come to realize that in order for the Libertarian Party to beat the Republicrats and begin to make changes at the political level by winning statewide and federal elections (as well as many more local and regional ones), we need to be able to move the needle in the direction of liberty at the cultural level. We can only make changes if we get elected, we can only get elected if we get people to know who we are and what solutions we propose, and we can only get people to know us by engaging them where they are, both literally and figuratively.

Last December, I announced my run for VP, and in that time I have traveled across the country to various state conventions to speak with, and listen to, our delegates.

I've gone to Republicrat campaign events to successfully convert their supporters to our side.

I've organized and participated in door-knocking tours in housing projects, as well as college events, to help grow local and campus LP affiliates and change the conversations on those neighborhoods and campuses. Even after the COVID-19 lockdowns, I have continued to do online campus events that have been wildly successfully, including Zoom events with Emerson College, NYU and Georgetown University.

In each of these events, I have converted dozens or hundreds of people to the LP, and used the sales and communication skills I learned from owning and operating a successful business for nearly 20 years, by listening to people's concerns, identifying their problems, and communicating the Libertarian solution to those problems.

My strategy is pretty straightforward: listen to our constituents, demonstrate ourselves as trustworthy and caring, show them how the Republicrats have failed them, and explain how Libertarianism is the answer.

The role of Vice President, and of a Vice Presidential candidate, is largely that of using a bully pulpit to promote our belief and ideas. The person that the LP chooses for that role needs to be able to clearly, kindly, and dynamically promote our beliefs, our platform and our solutions to the public, so that we can grow our party and spread our ideas into the public consciousness.

I believe that I am the person for this role, and I respectfully submit my candidacy for your consideration.


Larry Sharpe

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John McAfee

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Zoltan Istvan

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